The cost to redesign an internet site depends upon who’s asking the question. For example, whereas a company with lots of Employees can expect to pay a few thousand dollars a website proprietor may expect to pay several hundred dollars for a redesign. Some may think it only requires a few clicks of a mouse, but are unaware of the intricacies. When you attempt to explain the costs terminology its hard for them to comprehend they’ve to spend much money. Lets look at a few of the elements involved redesigning or designing a site that is pro. The Design Process – 1.

Making sample designs – so the customer can see what the end product will look like Before building the website I provide picture designs. Until they achieve the design they want, they’ve the ability to interchange elements between the picture designs. This takes communication between the Web designer and the customer. Assembling the actual website – here’s a list of a few of the elements included in the design: Graphic design: this may include the header graphics, background images, navigation images, logo, horizontal principles, particular gradient effects to emphasize key words, subheadings, etc. Styling the design with CSS: cascading style sheets controls the design of the website e.g.

File size, colour, weight, height, spacing between elements, positioning of elements on webpages. Coding the XHTML: CSS along with XHTML builds the actual webpages. To enable webpages to load fast encoding should be free from errors. This also helps make the web site display correctly in all the main web browsers. Navigation: this should be consistent through the web site so visitors have no problems finding their info they need. Simple navigation might include text links whereas complex navigation might include drop down menus. Scripts: these frequently used to process contact forms, produce flash presentations or interact with databases. Database driven web site! this usually refer to a content management system like Joomla or WordPress which includes hundreds of files in contrast to a 10 page static web site that contains only 10 HTML webpages, a stylesheet and graphics.

Website content development: usually the consumer provides their very own content for the webpages. A few of the elements included in Search engine optimization are keyword study, creating correct meta tags, header tags, file names, links, picture descriptions based on targeted keywords as well as optimizing their web copy. As you can tell from the list above as the intricacy of the look increases so does the price. After the website has been designed and uploaded to their server a lot time is spent testing how a web site will display across various browsers and screen resolutions. Consult with the web designer before redesigning your web site – the very best way to clarify your redesign needs is to communicate using your web designer.