Marketing has changed in the last decades. Technological advances in the field have given birth such as search engine optimization and network, leaving entrepreneurs to leverage without a shortage of channels. The Direct Marketing Association reported that over 50% of entrepreneurs they surveyed planned to increase advertising budgets allocated to e-mail as a result of their success, last year. What’s it in this era of demand driven advertising, that proceeds to create marketing a part of business advertising approaches that are successful? You can depend on – Among the assets that are strongest advertising brings to the table is analysis and your coverage on your palms.

In contrary to traditional advertising channels such as TV or print advertising reports offer insights to the success of your advertising and marketing campaigns. While metrics are provided by most advertising programs, such as clicks or opens, the ones allow you to dig in the information. Taking a look at metrics such as your recipients spend reading your e-mails, as well as the devices or services that are e-mail tells a lot about what’s working and what’s not with their campaigns to the marketer. It does not take up too much time – Most excellent things take time. For small companies that frequently operate without the resources of a big advertising department, every task has to be weighed against everything else which might be done with that same period of time.

Usually, we find it can take the average user only around half a hour to complete their first campaign. Including the time it can take to import contacts, design a template, test it, and feel your adrenaline pump of pressing send. Keeps your bottom line healthful – with regards into a small business, the fact is that everything boils down to ROI and how long it can take to arrive there. Small businesses must be capable to justify each and every dollar of marketing, and thats exactly what draws them to email. In accordance with the DMA, every dollar spent on e-mail advertising generates roughly $44 in revenue.

While this statistic can be somewhat inflated, it’s hard to argue against e-mail marketings proven capability to consistently deliver exceptional results. In order to re engage past clients, move new leads throughout your sales funnel, and cross sell to current customers, e-mail targets the low hanging fruits – your contact database. Whenever you create e-mail campaigns focused on existing relationships, you make a non invasive method of staying relevant which will certainly pay off in the future. Eric Krattenstein is your Chief Marketing Officer for Mailifys U.S. Mailify is a global e-mail marketing application with over 30, 000 users around the globe.