Are you looking for ways to increase traffic on your website?

Well, you’ve come to just the right place! We have compiled a list of tried and tested actionable SEO techniques to boost the viewership on your website. Read on!


Optimize As Per Google RankBrain

When Google announced its RankBrain algorithm, it instantly made a large impact on the virtual world. Being the first AI backed machine learning algorithm, the RankBrain is responsible for measuring and recording how users interact with the first page of the search result. Hence, the onus lies on you to leave your readers content so that you can remain on the top of the search results.

A higher number of clicks on your website link will convey to Google that the audience loves your content, which will keep your site boosted. Lack of clicks will result in your site plummeting down the charts.

Mine for Long Tail Keywords on Reddit

Reddit, better known as the front page of the internet, is bubbling with leads for keyword research. The website is a jackpot for long tail keywords as users can figure out what ticks their search result. Visit the Reddit page and navigate towards a specific subreddit thread that pertains to your topic. Key in the topic of your article and hit on search. Go through the list of subreddit and threads that show up as a response to your search request.

Scan through them to identify the terms that reappear. Quite naturally, if users are talking about it over Reddit, it is also the common terms used while they search for content or answers over Google. This is nearly the perfect process to carry out keyword research especially if you are just starting out on the digital world and are on a tight budget.

Refurbish and Update Old Content

If you have some already published posts and content that has been gathering dust and not getting the views that it deserves, do not discard them just as yet! Old content is a gold mine to upgrade your website and make it stand out. You can include new changes, update any relevant news and happening, and even change the images. These slight modifications will give you a new and improved blog post that is an upgrade of the previous version. Now all you need to do is promote it once again so that it grabs more attention and you will be surprised as to how greatly the traffic increases on the same site.

Add Emotion to Your Title Tags

Internet users need real emotions to feel that the web content is written by another fellow human being rather than a mindless AI. You can drastically improve your organic click through rate (CTR) by adding emotion to your title tags. As per the behavioral understanding of an average internet user, while scrolling through a list of results, he or she is more likely to click on a website link that appeals to them on an emotional level.

As a matter of fact, some studies linked high scoring emotional matter with a higher rate of content sharing! Thus, invest time and energy in picking titles that will resonate with your readers and help your page rank high.

Make Use of Numbers and Brackets

If the emotional angle seems like a huge challenge in your title tags, another way to sound interesting is by including numbers and brackets in the title. It is a simpler way to boost your SEO rankings and improve your click through rates. It has been a proven method to capture your audience’s attention and to get them to read your content. Listicles (articles made entirely in the list format) are the easiest way to grab your reader’s interest.

Attractive Titles Means Amazing CTR

With time becoming an essential commodity, users are looking for articles that will offer maximum content in minimum words. If you can offer something that grabs your readers attention through numbers and brackets in your headings, go ahead and use it to help your page rank higher!

Make Your Content More Share-Worthy

Content and web pages that are widely shared will definitely perform phenomenally over search engines. If the readers can relate with your content and share it, there is a strong possibility of the content going viral. As they say in this industry – Content is the king. It is this content that can make you an overnight sensation.

Apart from relatable content that speaks to a majority of the readers, use supplementary tricks like using colorful and captivating images, offering share buttons above the fold, keeping your readers hooked with short and simple sentences, writing practical content, mentioning major influencers, and requesting readers to share your content. The most important part of this optimization would be by making share buttons prominent on the page but not quite ‘out there.’

Link Out to High Authority Sites

With all the newest trends and developments in the SEO world, one technique has stayed constant – the Hilltop Algorithm. With over a decade of usability, Hilltop Algorithm plays a vital role in the search engine scenario. Implementing the Hilltop Algorithm revolves around carrying out on-page search engine optimization so that Google can understand whether your page is a hub of information or otherwise. The marker for this ‘hub’ is the outward links that you have used on your page. It involves the relevance and quality of the outbound links that you have used on your page. Thus, use these high quality outbound links wisely and offering these to high authority websites (like Wikipedia, for example) will make your page more reliable since your resources are well-trusted sites.

Acquire an Existing Site

Often site acquisition conjures up an image of takeovers by mega corporations that have a lot of cash to dispense. However, that is not true in all case. In fact, the cost of some websites is comparable to the investment that you would make for a modestly successful SEO campaign. Thus, procuring a website is the most understated SEO trick. If carried out prudently, this investment will offer long-term returns on your investment. You will not only absorb the traffic of the previous website but you will also have new links and fresh and interesting content for your site. Additionally, you can even access their mailing list and their social media handles to increase your organic traffic.

Capitalise on Your Video Content

Online content is no longer restricted to words and textual matters. Currently, videos are a lot in vogue since they offer the perfect balance of succinct content complemented with unbreakable engagement with the audience. Videos are widely shared over Facebook, making it an affordable advertisement format. Unfortunately, if you do not make use of mediums like YouTube, search engines may face issues to decipher the video contents. However, an effective way to overcome this obstacle is by creating and circulating full text transcripts that accompany the videos. In fact, you can also use some SEO tricks within these transcripts. Apart from boosting the SEO value, you will also be offering a premium user experience to your audience.

Seek Assistance

Co-marketing is the newest development in the advertising field. It allows two companies to collaborate to run promotions for a co-branded product or offer. The companies equally participate to advertise the content/product/service and share the profits that arise from it. Through co-marketing, companies can access larger audiences than any regular campaign. It can help drive leads, land links, and improve social engagement. The biggest advantage that works in the favor of co-marketing is that you do not have to be a big brand with infinite budgets; instead, you can work together with other similar companies to get the same response as a single large brand with deep pockets. Co-marketing may be in the form of a joint case study, charitable causes, joint webinars, reports, online courses or training, and events such as an awards campaign.

So go ahead and try out these awesome tricks and watch the organic traffic that trickles onto your website like a steady stream turn into an unstoppable tsunami of audience! These tips will most definitely help your page gain high authority, greater visibility, and increase the trust in your brand.